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There are many organizations with web sites that provide valuable information about the criminal justice system. Some of these organizations do research and policy work; others work directly with prisoners and ex-prisoners. To visit their web sites, click on the links below.

Rockefeller drug laws
In New York City, the William Moses Kunstler Fund and the Correctional Association of New York are working to repeal the Rockefeller drug laws. Anthony Papa, a former prisoner runs his own anti-drug law website, www.15yearstolife.com.

Prisoners and ex-prisoners
There are many groups in New York City that help prisoners and ex-prisoners. Among these are the Fortune Society, Osborne Association, Exodus Transitional Community,Women’s Prison Association, and Family Justice. In Albany, the Center for Law and Justice also works with prisoners and their families.

To learn about the employment obstacles faced by ex-prisoners, visit the National HIRE Network. The Drug Policy Alliance has a comprehensive on-line library of information related to the war on drugs. For reports about the U.S. prison population, visit the Sentencing Project, the Justice Policy Institute, and this site, which is run by the Prison Policy Initiative.